From the editor’s desk
By Bruce Bethke


In the ancient Norse myths it’s called Fimbulvetr: the Mighty Winter, the winter that never ends, the winter at the end of the world. Now I’m not saying anyone needs to keep an eye out for Fenrisúlfr, learn how to pronounce Vafþrúðnir, or otherwise begin to prepare for Ragnarök, but in more than 40 years of living up here in the Great White North this is the longest, coldest, and most consistently miserable winter I can remember. As I write this, it is twenty degrees below zero outside.

Therefore, in celebration—no, in defiance of The Winter That Would Not End, Stupefying Stories returns to regular production with nine wonderful winter’s tales. From a story of slightly mad science and a man who will stop at nothing to get fresh blueberries in December, to the tales of things that wash up on winter beaches that the summer vacation people never see, to a very different take on a very different Russian revolution, to a steel mill in the depths of the Great Depression, to a sleeping bag on a sidewalk in New York City, here are nine tales celebrating the idea that no matter how tough winter can be, we are tougher.

Hey, Old Man Winter? In your face!


Stay warm,
Bruce Bethke
Editor, Stupefying Stories